If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that here at AirTree we are incredibly passionate about opening up the black box that’s venture capital.

Right by your side, right from the start

We always say to startup founders that it’s never too early to talk to us. That’s because many of our investments are the first cheques founders have taken for their business. And we also like to have a chance to get to know each other. We pride ourselves on being…

Australia’s startup scene is booming. So it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of interest in working in venture capital to get a front-row seat while these incredible companies are built.

But what’s it actually like to work in VC or for a tech startup? To help answer this question…

By Kevin Lu & Andrew Yeo

“Into the Ether” by Beeple | Day #4917

It has been almost 13 years since Bitcoin introduced the world to crypto. Since then, many outsiders have only seen the boom and bust cycles.

But beneath the noise, there are flourishing ecosystems with communities building infrastructure that has the potential to change the internet, economics, gaming, social systems and culture. …

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A Message From Mel 🙋🏻‍♀️

Bustling activity continues in Aussie and Kiwi startupland!

This month, AirTree welcomed 3 new additions into the fam, woohoo!!! 🥳 More details in the next section.

After announcing Elicia and Jackie’s promotion to Partners last month, we received many messages from the community inspired by their journeys and curious about…

By @lizandmollie

Startup founders and teams have it tough on the best of days. Chasing momentum, flywheel effects, traction, and hockey stick charts all stand in contrast to the stagnation many have felt for the last 18 months.

Today is R U OK Day, and it’s great opportunity to down tools and…

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A Message From Mel 🙋🏻‍♀️

We shared some HUGE news this month with the promotion of Elicia & Jax to Partners 🥳 Thanks to everyone who sent supportive messages through — it means so much to us. We’re beyond lucky to have them both, and we can’t wait to see the magic they will continue…

Open Source VC with Bethany Crystal

It’s hard to fully appreciate the differences between the startup and venture capital ecosystems around the world until you’ve experienced them. It’s the people-watching, for lack of a better word, that reveals the most. What time people enter the office, whether a conversation happens in the open or behind closed…

Photo by Caleb Russell on Unsplash

A few years ago, we published the first iteration of the Australian tech companies with $100M+ valuation chart. Since then, things have only accelerated, and we’ve got the numbers to back this up.

In 2018, Australia had a solitary unicorn — Canva. At the time of publishing, over a dozen…

​​When Sam Kroonenburg’s brother, Ryan, was turned down in the final round of interviews from a job with Amazon Web Services, he was pretty disappointed. His despondency didn’t last long; instead, it became the catalyst for a business idea to solve an important problem: Learning new technologies is exciting, but…


AirTree is a venture capital fund that supports the most ambitious Australian and Kiwi tech founders. First round, multiple rounds.

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