Say hello to these angels 😇

Angel investors are the unsung catalysts for helping founders transform their ideas into fledgling startups. Beyond a cash injection, they add tangible value to what founders are building through their experience, knowledge and contacts.

In 2020, we ran the first cohort of our Explorer program to open up angel investing…

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A message from Mel 🙋🏻‍♀️

This month we welcomed 4 new startups into the AirTree fam: FrankieOne, Rejig, Perx Health & Cipherstash; we’re so excited to be partnering with you all (more details in the next section).

This week, we kicked off the first session for our 2021 Explorer Angel investing program. We received hundreds…

By Kevin Lu & Andrew Yeo

“Into the Ether” by Beeple | Day #4917

It has been almost 13 years since Bitcoin introduced the world to crypto. Since then, many outsiders have only seen the boom and bust cycles.

But beneath the noise, there are flourishing ecosystems with communities building infrastructure that has the potential to change the internet, economics, gaming, social systems and culture. …

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A Message From Mel 🙋🏻‍♀️

Bustling activity continues in Aussie and Kiwi startupland!

This month, AirTree welcomed 3 new additions into the fam, woohoo!!! 🥳 More details in the next section.

After announcing Elicia and Jackie’s promotion to Partners last month, we received many messages from the community inspired by their journeys and curious about…


AirTree is a venture capital fund that supports the most ambitious Australian and Kiwi tech founders. First round, multiple rounds.

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